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Yeah, the world needs another blog by a white dude talking about video games like I need a fuckin’ hole in my head right?  Indulge me a bit, if you will.

One of my closest friends is enamored with the video game Dr. Mario.  I think it was part of her morning ritual to bang out some rounds on an old Nintendo.  I never really understood how someone could be so enthralled with one game, but I recently stopped playing Overwatch, a title I was hooked on for a little more than two years, so I guess I can’t talk. 

And sure, I’m not hating on playing games daily, I believe people are free to spend their free time however they wish, but I was thankful for the reprieve.  Especially so because it gave me the headspace to go handle some smaller tasks with gaming instead of the nebulous goal of logging in every night solely to compete against other humans.  Case in point; I had a lazy Friday night this week so I decided to spend it playing an old video game like my friend might with her Dr. Mario cartridge.

I really love the old Resident Evil games (the newest one is great too!), they’re like point & click adventure games except there’s dangerous monsters and you’ve got the means to deal with them.  The third entry, Nemesis, is one I never played much.  I remember growing up a classmate had the game and I went to his house and played it but we didn’t stay friends for long; for the best, I was kind of a cunt as a child and was definitely just hanging out with this guy to play this game.  At least he made me play basketball with him so it was a two-way thing.  

But it’s a tough game with some degree of randomness to it and unlike the first two entries, your heroine, Jill actually feels like the elite police task force officer she’s supposed to be (halter top aside): she can dodge attacks, and move around a bit more freely than in other titles in the series, and even the next one.  Look at that ease.  Anyway, a title like this is pretty enjoyable because you get more than a few ways to bite back if you’re in a nasty situation, makes it perfect for me to stream on my Mixer channel.  I even get a bit of an audience when I do it that like to watch how I do.  Unfortunately, the last run I tried ended tragically; I was killed by the final boss encounter.

There’s definitely something comforting about the infantile attempts to be cinematic in these old games, it was a time where CD quality audio was just first becoming possible in a home game, which is to say a time where audio of any decent quality at all was present.  No offense to the people of the prior era.  There’s voice acting, attempts at being dramatic (for an ace cop Jill is a bit too prone to helpless gasps, although her penchant for dopey statements that are way too on the nose falls right in line with the rest of the cops in the series), and the opening cutscene that shows the brunt of the outbreak destroying the city is thrilling, despite the Ken doll looking people.

The full game has a lot of attempts at paying homage to a lot of horror titles and framing the camera in new ways, an improvement over the last game that featured no less than 5 characters unceremoniously just being dumped over a railing like a sack of potatoes to show violence in a cutscene.  A standout are the “tough as nails” mercenaries in the cast that, true to fashion, get picked off one by one til there’s only the virgin girl of the group left. 

Of course I’m referring to the slightly froggish Carlos.

The game was really tough, I was swamped by lethal enemies a lot in places where I’ve never come across them in other playthroughs, and ultimately couldn’t beat it.  I love when an old game can still surprise me.  Overall though, I was pretty happy to spend what was looking to be a dull Friday night in with it.  It was chill and I enjoyed not feeling like I was wasting time, which is just


Hey, I collected some more gifs of the gameplay below, it shows off the dodge mechanics against some of the more dangerous creatures of the game and a pretty funny scene where Nemesis just runs me down immediately upon entering a room where I have no hope of trying to react.  Hope you enjoy em!

And for good measure for some of my friends into that sort of thing (they’re usually MMA junkies too, I see you), I had to make sure I grabbed this gif of one of the bad guy’s kicky feet as he was getting got by the evil creature.



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