New York City Comic Con


I don’t want to spend too much time on it, but a lot happens in life sometimes.  To sum things up, I tore my rotator cuff in July, right before running in the Tough Mudder race, but still did the race with one arm, we got a pretty respectable time and I even managed to make it through a number of the climbing obstacles, which I really wish I had pictures of…

It was a lot of work and I was pretty beat up.  I had frozen shoulder for about a week and a half after, and it was a miserable experience.  But, hey, at least it had me ripped for a few days despite the sling.

So, even with that I still decided to live up the summer as much as I could, and I went to two concerts the week after, Panorama festival to watch The XX and The Killers headline (which was amazing), and the Smashing Pumpkins a few days later for their reunion tour.  I love the pumpkins and have seen them a few times, but this may be the last time I need to check them out, they played nearly anything you’d want to hear them play.  The Killers were just a fantastic show, and even though it seems the band is having some personnel issues (Dave and Mark weren’t in the line up for this huge tour they’re on), it’s incredible how much better of a performer Brandon has become over the years, the shows I’ve seen them do for this tour blow even their produced live album performance out of the water.  What a professional.

Oh and uh I got a nose job the week after which took me out of commission for August…


With all that out of the way, I went to New York Comic Con for the first time since 2010, I don’t love conventions, but I live on my own now and try to do the drag thing more often cause of it and they give me a good reason to.  The Widowmaker costume from overwatch I ordered back in March was gonna get more use, but it needed work.

When it first arrived it looked like this wide, limp thing with cheap accents and a skirt that was nothing like the one in game; I get that video game physics are a thing, and satin can’t really do what it’s doing above without some clever wiring and tacking, but this wouldn’t do.  We shortened the skirt a bit in March, but it needed to be completely redone for this time around.  After much struggling to make one from stretch and try to plan out how to get it to flare out like her skirt in game, I decided to look to dancewear stores and found a skirt that kind of matches, but it wasn’t in green so I had to sew green ribbons over the pink, and then cut the pink ribbons out.  It was time consuming, but not as bad as you’d think.

I didn’t attach it to the bodice, cause if I do this costume again, honestly I’ll probably redo the bodice from scratch as well.  I didn’t do any make-up trials either cause time was short and with my arm recovered, I wanted to spend the nights sewing, running, or cutting out DIY hip pads, so I put faith in my makeup skills of the past to be summoned up appropriately the day of, which made me super anxious.  Got up at 7 am that day, ate a donut, committed to no food or water until the costume and it’s four layers of tights were removed after the convention so I wouldn’t have to use the bathroom, and got to work.

Honestly felt the makeup was the best I’ve done yet.  The airbrush I got earlier in the year was such a good investment, and with the new shape of my nose I felt confident no going for a nose contour with the bold white color my face paint would already have, which made the design much cleaner.

I decided against using much of the headdress, which is just too unwieldy (another thing to remake from scratch…why did I buy parts for this costume at all?), and kept my natural hair for the outfit, I’m planning on doing a new costume for Halloween which will require a wig, it’ll be my first pro grade one.

I had friends coming that have never seen me in a costume either, they’re a pretty masculine bunch, real UFC watching beer drinking regular dudes (and one of them brought their girlfriend).  But my friends have surprised me a lot this year, and like in March, everyone was actually super cool with helping me out with the costume and its ribbons and shit.  Very cool and unexpectedly no one bitched that I was making them late for the convention.

A queen is only as good as her subjects.

The final costume came out looking great and whattya know I feel like I got a good smile down for the look too.  Really like how the lip stuff came out this time around, when I first did this costume I made the lips too small and the whole look actually suffered a lot for it, little details can make a big difference, especially in drag.

So without further ado, here’s the pics I got with various folks at the convention.

I was swamped with photogs as soon as I got in, which was fucking dope.

The photographer that took this actually introduced herself, so it’s important that I tag her and

Took a bunch of photos with other OW cosplayers…why is Sombra flipping off the photographer though!?  Was glad to find 3 different tracers that all had good costumes.  My leg ribbons fell off after about 3 hours….satin was the wrong choice, works in video game physics…not so well here.

You can’t see it but i have hip pads on which made the whole costume a lot more comfortable to wear out, as it’s not like any piece of me near the nether regions was REALLY showing (and I wore a bottom piece under the skirt anyway ya pervs).

Forza horizon 4 is fuckin’ dope, and Chevy’s booth at NYCC was kind of dumb, but I was glad to get a pic next to an awesome Camaro in this get up.

So, autumn is here and life is in full swing once more.  I’ll be working on another costume after taking a few days off and getting my music together, still want to do something that combines these outfits with shredding on my guitar, but the arm injury during the summer has delayed that a bit.  Also listened to a ton of albums I never listened to before over the summer, will have to put down my impressions.

Hey, here’s some other miscellaneous pics of the con of cool toys or neat costumes.  I didn’t really take many photos so there isn’t much here, sorry!

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